dsparada Color Salon: An Award-Winning Hair Salon Right Here in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh’s dsparada Color Salon was founded by celebrity hair stylist Don Stacy to provide the same level of salon service and expertise required by top models, celebrities and fashion magazines. Our innovative styling and exclusive hair coloring process has earned us awards and national recognition. See dsparada Color Salon press coverage.

dsparada Does it Again!!!!

dsparada Color Salon was recognized by the readers of Wake Living Magazine as the winner for best hair and color salon in the Raleigh area for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016! The staff of dsparada has worked diligently to perform to the highest standards of our profession, we are excited that our clients have recognized our hard work. Come to dsparada and see what all of the readers of Wake Living have already recognized, dsparada Color Salon, the Reader’s Choice!

The Principles of dsparada Color Salon


Our Raleigh hair stylists and hair color experts have a passion for what they do. We truly believe in creating a world in which inner beauty is also expressed outwardly, where a great haircut can enhance not only your look, but also your outlook. Our salon principles:

  1. Truly complementary hair color based on a thorough understanding of your hair, skin coloration and preferences.
  2. To create stylish haircuts that make your personality shine, not overwhelm it.
  3. To make your visit enjoyable, convenient and fun.

At dsparada Color Salon, it’s all about you. We start your salon experience with a professional consultation to learn your preferences as well as study your features and coloring to determine the most flattering look for you. From the moment you walk in our door to the moment you leave (with a beautiful new hairstyle!) we pamper, charm and listen to you.

dsparada Color Salon is proudly owned and staffed by innovative stylists and colorists who enjoy bringing breakthrough thinking and results to their work.

Ready to schedule your dsparada Color Salon experience? We look forward to sharing our hair styling expertise as we work with you to create your ideal look.

Cuts, Color & Other Professional Salon Services

While dsparada Color Salon specializes in hair color and highlights, we offer a full range of beauty services to both men and women. Our salon services include:

dsparada is committed to only offering and using the finest products in our salon. Our salon products include:

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Located on Falls of Neuse Road, dsparada Color Salon is a nationally-recognized salon right here in Raleigh, NC. Our clients hail from across the Triangle, including Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham and beyond.

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