Fashion is ever evolving, every year we see hot new trends dazzle even the plainest of plain janes. Have you ever noticed colors in fashion and colors in hair go hand in hand?  This spring we are seeing more color than EVER! From floral prints,  to block coloring, to ombre.

color block redColor blocking as you may well know is a rerun from the 1960’s. It has become a huge trend not only in fashion but also in hair. We see this in hair through color paneling or what we call “color blocking”. That is where you have a natural base color such as a warm golden brown and you accentuate that by adding a block (usually around the face or underneath on the sides) of a fashion shade such as a vibrant purple, beautiful blue or even a fire engine red! Or you could stay with natural tones and put a vibrant blonde block with a chestnut brown base, there are various options, it all depends on the person and what their lifestyle is and how funky they want to make it.


Ombre is another favorite trend for the spring, we see this in fashion from your skinny jeans to your hair. The idea is simple you start with a darker color and gradually fade into a lighter color (blonde) or vice versa. In hair, it’s a great look and it means less maintenance for the client! They best way to achieve this look is to choose your base, whether you want it to be darker or lighter.

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