Combating Winter Hair Woes

Winter can be horrendous on the hair, from dry frizzy hair to dull looking color. There are many ways to combat these unwanted, untimely issues. With just a few tips you can transform your hair into absolute beauty.

Winter is the moisture season, and hair masks are the way to go. Putting a hair mask on once a week will make all the difference in the look and feel of your hair. A hair mask is a treatment in between your regular shampoo and regular conditioner. So, shampoo, rinse, hair mask, rinse, condition, then rinse. Putting your regular conditioner on top of the hair mask helps flood the hair with nutrients, while protecting the hair from the elements at the same time. Also use a leave in conditioner after towel drying the hair. This helps put a final seal on the hair shaft.

Color vibrancy is another issue we all face in the colder months, because of dryer air hair tends to look dull and lifeless. Getting a semi permanent color wash to add shine and luster is a great fix, it will have your color in tip top shape in 10 minutes.

Static electricity is truly the most annoying of these issues. Great ways to combat static are, pomades and products with glycerin and mineral oil. These help tame the hair, but as a general rule, fine hair should use a water based pomade and course hair should use an oil based pomade. Another way to tame those frizzes is to use shine spray or hair spray, spraying these products on a comb and then combing them through the hair will definitely put an end to those unwanted fly aways!

Hair trimming is essential to great winter hair. Because hair can get dry and brittle when the temperature dips down, the ends of your hair tend to break off more easily. Getting regular trims will help keep your hair healthy and actually help it grow out nicely. So a scheduled end trim every 4 to 6 weeks is a must.

Lastly “go out blow outs” are very popular this time of year. Who doesn’t love beautifully polished, professionally styled hair?

There is no excuse for dull hair this winter season, these are just a few remedies that work on all types of hair!!!!