What it Takes for Editoral Fashion Shoots

When you look at a magazine cover or a picture of one of your favorite stars, we all think how beautiful she looks or I wish I could look like that. But do you ever wonder what it really takes to produce that finished look. People think fashion and hair are so glamorous but the truth is it’s long hours and a lot of hard work to come out with a finished product that everyone will love.

At dsparada we love this type of editorial work, being a celebrity editorial stylist himslef, Don Stacy knows how to achieve these looks and trains his whole staff at dsparada how to accomplish this as well.

don hair

Don Stacy working his hair magic

When compiling a shoot it takes months to gather all of your models. These models are usually picked for particular attributes that will go along with the look that you are trying to achieve. You may have to do some minor changes and more than likely you will always have to color or cut their hair (after hours at the salon of course) so the day of the shoot everything can flow smoothly.

Photoshoots typically start between 6am and 8am with coffee in hand. This gives everyone a chance to get their blood flowing and their equipment set up. When the models arrive its show time. You must make the hair look perfect, this can mean every hair in place or even whimsical, like the messy styles that are over taking the runway these days.

Whether its curling or setting pin curls in the hair this process can take a while and you can only use minimal product so it does not show up on camera. There’s a major difference between products that are designed for camera ready hair and product that are not. You do not want to see any product residue on the hair when it is shot, the same applies for make up as well.

make up

Applying Makeup

Usually the hair is styled or set first and then the model is off to get their makeup done. Makeup artists are very careful not to disturb the hair while applying makeup, depending on the look it should take between 15-25 minutes per model. Next it’s wardrobe time! The models get changed into what the designer has picked for them based on their body shape and size. The hair and makeup should always coincide with the outfit. The final finishing of the hair is always last just before the first shot goes off.


Picking out the perfect wardrobe

When the photographer takes the first shot, it is your obligation to look at the picture and see how the hair is laying, if there are spaces in the hair it is your time to fix it so it does not show up on camera, usually the photographer will help with this by telling you what needs to be done. It’s very important that even though you are probably working on your next model you keep you eye on the model that is being shot to make sure the finished product is magazine ready.

finishing touches

Jen Cooper applying the finishing touches

In closing, photo shoots are a lot of hard work, but that being said…when you see your work published in the latest fashion magazines you know it was all worth your while. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for the final photos, coming soon!