Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, and Your Hair

We know that essential oils can be good for you and are used commonly in home remedies. But what do they do for your hair? Many products today contain essential oils such as jojoba, tea tree, or almond oil. But there is a wealth of oils that do more than just moisturize your hair. The use of essential oils in your hair can have therapeutic effects as well which you can carry around with you all day.

Let’s look at some of the lesser known oils that can be good for you in more ways than one!

Rose Oil: This oil has a wonderful soft, floral scent which can elicit a calming effect. It keeps hair moisturized and prevents dehydration, which is great for dry, damaged, and brittle hair. It is also recommended for those with coarse, curly hair. Not only does this oil smell great, it may even help to calm a range of scalp and skin conditions.

Eucalyptus Oil: We’ve heard of eucalyptus being used when we’re sick with a sinus infection. But what many people do not know is that it when applied to the scalp in a diluted form, eucalyptus oil can encourage circulation and be used as an anti-fungal agent. It is believed by many to actually control dandruff, mild forms of psoriasis, and encourage hair growth. Increased circulation throughout the scalp stimulates the hair follicle which as a result makes the hair shafts stronger and more elastic from nutrients. The aromatic effects can actually enhance concentration and help fight migraines.


Jasmine Oil: This oil is most known for its relaxing properties and it aids with everything from depression to child birth. Jasmine oil is meant to tame frizz, increase shininess, and protect hair from heat-styling elements. It can be used for any hair type and is especially beneficial to those with dry scalp due to its moisturizing effects. Using in larger quantities, jasmine oil is used as a deep-treatment to soften hair.

Walnut Oil: This oil has a multitude of benefits for your hair! Walnut oil cleanses the scalp, moisturizes hair, and prevents hair loss while encouraging hair growth. When mixed with jojoba oil, it also can kill head lice. Most people use walnut oil as a hair moisturizer because it is rich in fatty acids that promote strand hydration and it also has a high concentration of Omega 9, 3, and 6. This oil may also make hair color appear more vibrant and lustrous.

            In addition to conditioning the hair without detergents or chemicals, essential oils can give hair luster and improve both natural and dyed hair colors. The great aromatic scents will stay in the hair for hours so the user can breathe it in and enjoy them all day. Essential oils will not only help repair and improve your hair but also bring down your stress levels during a busy day. What’s not to love?