Glamorous Photo Shoot By Don Stacy

On November 19th, I had the honor of participating in one of the many photo shoots dsparada holds. At first I was nervous about being a model for Don. I’ve never had professional pictures taken before, and all I could think of was please don’t let me make the duck face or look like a goofball on film! After a couple minutes behind the camera, I loosened up and it was actually really fun! Our nighttime receptionist, Caitlyn, was a model as well! We took some fun pictures together. (you guys get to see the pretty film, but maybe we’ll post some outtakes, they were definitely funny!)

Caitlyn and Christine. Hair by Don Stacy

There was a lot of preparation behind the scenes by the stylists. Don and the staff hand picked models that best suited their aesthetic. The stylists looked for specific attributes in their models; hair length and texture, skin tone, facial features, and a willingness to do whatever the stylist decided to do with their hair! (The last one narrows down the field quite a bit!) All of the models involved were incredibly professional and I would bet that a few of them would have a chance at being on ANTM (Americas Next Top Model).

Hair by Don Stacy

Overall the experience was incredibly inspiring, especially as a young woman working her way in to the hair industry! I can’t wait to be the one behind the chair creating my vision, instead of being the vision. 😉

Be sure to take a peak at all the final photos from the shoot on our Facebook!


Christine from dsparada