Hair Color in the work place by Don Stacy

Working in Color:

How to have a little fun with color and still keep your job.

One of the greatest things about hair is that you can be as experimental with is as you want. Since, all colors and styles are just temporary.  Color fades, your style grows out or you decide you want something new. It’s only natural to eventually want to ditch the world of browns, blondes and reds, for something more exciting. Celebrities have been wearing all shades of the rainbow on the red carpet, and the fantasy hair color trend has ssped into regular, everyday life. Women and men alike have done everything from vibrant shades of green, to the cool smokey shades of lavender-silver. These colors may not be acceptable in some workplaces. If your day job has practical limits on how far you can go with your color, you might be feeling left out. Obviously, you want to avoid looking inappropriate or breaking any rules but if you still want to express your personailty and have some fun with your hair, there are a few ways to go about it.I  have a boutique salon with a reputation for superior client services, trendsetting cuts and modern color, that speaks true to what clients want. When it comes to bold color in the workplace, there are some subtly ways to be playful and bold but still mantain an office presonality. To achieve such a look here are some tips that let you have some fun with your hair, while still looking polished and professional.

Commitment free color:

If you work in an environment that strickly forbids unnatural hair color, try clipping in hair extensions or hair chalking to give your hair a risk free color boost. Clip in colored extentions are available in several hair colors and textures for a variety of looks and can be reused. If you want something ever more temporary opt for color chalking. This is one of the most indemand services. A tepmporary wash out of pastel is rubbed into the hair strands and colors chosen can be bold of sort, the effect washes out  after an evening of fun or whenever you shampoo your hair.

Peek aboo streaks:

Another great way to have fun with bright, bold color is to have your stylist hide them in your hair. Within this technique placement is key: A few peekaboo streaks in fashion colors add a touch of dramam without going over the top. If you only color a few choice strands (or even one) you can easily obscure them while at work, stragetically tucking the piece’s into your hairstyle so that they are hidden. You may also be able to get away with glazing your hair in a soft pastel shade, depending on your workplace. It’s a little more fashion-forward but soft pastels for lighter hair color may be passable . Pastel shades can be achieved in any color family but are most populiar in shades of pink, blue, and purple. If your hair is light, try color shampoos for a temporary soft  wash of color- the effects are so subtle co-workers may just think that the light at your office is playing tricks on their eyes.