Keratin: A natural Answer to Fighting Summer Frizz

Keratin is a protein that your hair and nails are made of naturally; this protein gets depleted over time due to harsh products used on the hair, the sun, the ozone, etc. This is why hair care professionals developed keratin treatments. These treatments, when infused with high heat create long lasting frizz free, smooth hair for months. Many have heard the rumors about keratin treatments containing formaldehyde when in fact it was a particular treatment using formaldehyde to smooth the hair. This chemical was actually not put in the product but when combined with a high heat turned to formaldehyde and thus posing a very dangerous health risk to the hairstylist and the client. But that is in the past and an old way of thinking as the hair world is constantly evolving and changing. Keratin treatments now use all natural extracts such as vanilla, apple, chocolate to create the same and longer lasting effect.

Before and After Keratin Treatments

How it works: Like I said keratin is a protein that gets depleted over time and needs to be put back to allow hair to return to its natural state, especially in the summer months due to excessive humidity. Keratin actually seals the outer layer of the hair shaft blocking moisture and therefor making the hair less frizzy and smoother for up to 5 months. This treatment slowly fades out of the hair as you shampoo.

A Dsparada Keratin Treatment Success!

Pravana Keratin TreatmentDsparada has been committed to using only the safest and best keratin treatments. We offer several keratin treatments we have been class certified in.

Pravana Perfection: A 2-month treatment that is perfect for short haired clients due to the fact you are not cutting out the treatment before it had faded off the hair.

The salon also offers two, 4 to 5 month treatments:

  1. Simply Smooth and is a 4 month treatment that also contains apple pulp, vanillin (from vanilla) and is enriched with plant extracts and vitamins. Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment
  2. Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment lasts up to 5 months. Coppola is the 1st keratin treatment to pass OSHA regulations.

As with any investment you make with your hair, home maintenance is of the utmost importance to keep your salon look. We offer several hair care lines to support your keratin investment you have made. If you have any questions about keratin products, please feel free to give us a call today, 919-790-1707