Key to Sucess: Inspiring Hair!

This past weekend the team at dsparada Color Salon ventured to Charlotte for the Annual Fashion Focus Hair Convention. This is a convention full of education for the latest trends in haircutting and color.  The show is full of the biggest names in hair combined with the biggest hair companies internationally. When you walk on the floor you feel privileged to be a hairstylist and to know that you have the support of the some of the biggest names in the hair industry.

The best part was we were able to sit in, watch and learn from one of the best colorists in the nation….Beth Minardi. She talked about color placement and how important it is to get that right, once that is achieved than you can’t go wrong! Beth Minardi is a colorist in New York City who has been in the hair industry for over 30 years. She also won the most prestigious award in the nation called NAHA. What a great achievement! Her color is very glamorous and placed to look very natural. This was a very inspiring class! Be on the look out because we will probably be using some Minardi techniques on your next visit!

Beth explaining her Color Formation

Dsparada Color Salon attends these functions because we feel it is vital to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques. You can never learn too much and the hair industry is ever evolving, which is why it is so important to stay in the know. You can learn so much by just listening. Every stylist does things slightly different so it is always very fun to see a different perspective on what we do, sometimes we as hairdressers get stuck in a rut and hair can be very mundane, doing the same thing over and over to each person each time you see them, so perspective is key!

Beth explaining her ombre technique.

Education is what we attribute to our success!. So many times you see other stylists’ work that just looks old school, and we have people tell us all the time, the reason I left that salon was because the stylist would never step outside the box, not with dsparada! You know what you get every time and love it! You can change or stay the same because we know what is hot and what is not and we will always honor you as the client, because truly and honestly the client is why we are business.

Don, Vicki, Christine, Jen & Arturo after a great weekend at Fashion Focus in Charlotte! Watch out for inspiring hair coming soon out of dsparada!