Men Haircuts


Hard Part
Lately the side part trend is going a step above. This hair cut is a shaved line in the scalp for a more defined look. This part does provide a striking contrast that works great with undercuts, fades, spikes, and comb overs. Don’t try this hair cut at home. Leave it to the professionals.

This haircut looks cool, clean and goes great on anyone and any hair type, even a beard. This is also a great haircut for summer. Taking off all the hair except for the length on top that you can style in many many ways.Style it by slicking it back, spiking it up, try wearing it messy or just not even style it at all.

One Side
Slick hair worn to one side has been a major trend for over a year now. If it’s a great look for you, take it to the next level with a cut that angles to one side. Similar to an angular cut, this is an easy to style cut with lots of options. If you’re concerned about a high forehead or receding hairline, this is a stylish and flattering choice.

Tapered Sides
This is an excellent option to tame thick hair. Wearing it longer on top and tapering the sides down toward the neck. Try to combine this with the undercut with an inch or two of longer hair on the top and shorter sides and back below the ear.