Peachy Keen’s Fall Fashion Show Hair

“First model ready? Music, lights… LET’S GO GIRLS!!!”

This is the last thing you hear when you are back stage at a fashion show. But what really goes on before those words are said?

With every fashion show comes weeks of hard work. Not only for those doing the fashion but for the stylists doing the hair as well. The past few weeks the girls at DS Parada Color Salon have been working on hair styles for the Fire and Ice Fashion Show at Peachy Keen Boutique of Cary, NC.

It started in the salon with the announcement that we were doing the hair for a fashion show. Vicki & Jennifer went straight to the mannequin heads and started to mess around with many different up styles, not knowing what the boutique wanted. Jennifer did a cool Mohawk and Vicki did a tornado looking thing on the top of another head. Then the fun started with colored hair spray! We sent pictures over to the girls at Peachy Keen to get their opinion.

Mock hair ‘dos for the fashion show.

What will they like, what will they want…? Are we even close? Yes we were! To fit their theme the boutique chose the Mohawk and a crazy cool side upsweep for us to fine tune. The day of the show, Vicki and Jennifer pack their bags and were off to twirl some hair!

On their arrival, they set up check in with the fashion team and split the models in to groups of fire and ice. With 9 models and boutique staff to do, time was ticking. Now you would think piece of cake for two such accomplished stylists but wait for it…we have to share space, time & models with the makeup artist. That is the norm for any show set up, but it stills adds just a touch of stress. No worries we are professionals!

Jen & Vicki pause for a picture in the middle of hair and makeup.

So off to work the girls go. Irons, pins and spray at the ready. The hair looked FABULOUS!!! The timing with the makeup artist was wonderful. When did I ever work a show
that ran so smooth? Thinking back I cannot think of one. After 20 years of doing hair have I found a team that I can work with and no troubles?? I, Vicki Holt, can truly say that it was a pleasure working with Jennifer and the rest of my team on this fashion show. We all look forward to doing many more projects with everyone in the future!

DS Parada Color Salon Staff at Peachy Keen’s Fashion Show

We are still in process of getting the final runway pictures back from Peachy Keen’s photographer… we’ll put an album together on our Facebook wall when we do. But here’s a peak at the final looks…

Hair by DS Parada. Fashion by Peachy Keen