The best part of the holidays? Holiday Hair Up Styles!

I can remember as a young girl my mom would take me to the salon as she got her hair done for our big Christmas Party. Then one year (I was around 8yrs old) I went with her and a woman called out my name & told me to go with her. Mom looked at me and winked, so off I went! I had my hair pulled back into a version of a French twist suitable for a young girl.   Little did I know this was the start of a lifetime romance with traditional holiday style and glam.

Vicki working her magic on a holiday up style.

As years went by every “Christmas Party” salon trip was with my mom. It became as big of a tradition as my parents’ Christmas Party. Every year a new stylist got to tackle my long, thick hair. Then I reached high school & I thought that I could go without my mother, after all it’s just hair, right? Well those were the worst three up styles I had ever gotten done and mom made me wear them. Ok, lesson learned!

When I went to college Mom and I were back to our old routine with the two of us sharing the day of beauty together. And now we had the DAY SPA!!!! A FULL DAY of beauty. Everything from a massage, mani/pedi, hair and make-up. Oh yeah that was the way to go! Then I got married, but the mother-daughter tradition lived on.

Shortly after that the biggest thing to happen to my holiday hair transpired. I WENT TO BEAUTY SCHOOL!!! Talk about putting a “tease” in an up style. The fun was just about to start!  I was put in charge of doing my mom’s hair and my hair for the party. My mother became a saint over those first few years of my career because let’s face it, my up styles were less than good (they pretty much sucked) but my mother wore all of them with pride because I had done them. Only a mother’s love! I would love to share some of the pictures from that era but that is “classified information.”

Years have gone by and many a bobby pin has passed through my hands. Now the up styles are lovely. Many have been high fashion. But my favorite will always be doing that special style for the woman who wants to turn heads as she walks through the door of a friend’s Christmas Party.

So this year when you are picking out your very best holiday outfits don’t forget the hair and let the girls at dsparada color salon bring back that little girl excitement for each one of you! Treat yourself to a wonderful holiday style. You know your mother would approve! 🙂

*this one is for you mom. I love you – Vicki