The Great Transition

By ds parada’s colorist Jennifer Cooper

Wondering what happened to that rich beautiful chestnut brunette you used to be? Or you have become a solid blonde when you know you used to be a gorgeous multidimensional blonde? Did the summer take and fade that color to a bright unspeakable color known as blorange? Well have no fear and stop hiding behind your locks, Dsparada’s expert colorists are here!

Summer sun is a major culprit of major color destruction, a lot of people do not notice right away but after basking in the sun day after day to darken your skin, your hair slowly gets lighter and lighter, until you wake up one morning and wonder how your hair came to be that bleached color when it was gorgeous and flawless just 6 short weeks ago. The solution is simply, just call dsparada. Our answer to this line of fadage questioning would be obvious, the sun. What we are going to do to fix it is a consultation. Do you want to be the same color you where before summer started or would like to go a little darker (1-2 levels) than you were before.

Always keep in mind that when you do go back to the color you were before summer started, it can appear much darker. The reason why is because you are not used to seeing yourself with that color hair anymore and your skin is probably a different color now as well. The reflection of the hair off the skin can seem different. A lot of times we recommend something new, after all we are going into a new season.

Fall is a season of vibrant colors, think of the leaves changing and the coppers and reds you see in those leaves, those translate very well to hair color. Just because our clothing becomes a little earthier and bit more drab that does not mean our hair color has to!

If you have green eyes than copper is your color.

If you have blue eyes than reds are your best friend.

And if you have brown eyes, what better to enhance your look than chestnuts!

There are so many variations of these hues from light to dark, there is a color for everyone. If you decide you would like to stick with your color than we need to apply your color (or the one you were before) all over and seal it in with a glaze. In any case when are dealing with hair that is faded than you must always prime the hair first and glaze the hair after the color has been rinsed. If you think of painting a wall, for example, if you are lighter underneath you must prime first so the color doesn’t bleed through and then put a sealant on the outside so the color stays fresh and vibrant.

When ever changing color, make sure you are using professional products for color treated. If you do all these things you can say goodbye to dull summer hair and hello to hot gorgeous fall color!!!