The Usual Suspects of Summer Hair

Summer is a beautiful time of year in fact, a lot of people would agree it is their favorite season, although, your hair might beg to differ. Hair color can often times fade or become a much different color then what you started with, but what if there were a few small things you could do to keep your summer color in tact?

  1. Everyone has heard of the “chlorine green”. Most pools have showers, always rinse the hair with cool water before taking a dip. This will fill the hair shaft with water and therefor less chlorine can penetrate, thus preserving your color. When getting out of the pool rinse again, this will rinse away any unwanted residue of chlorine from the hair and make your colorist and wallet very happy.
  2. If you are laying on the beach, when you go to protect your skin from getting too much sun also protect your hair! Leave in conditioners are full of SPFs. Stick a bottle in your beach bag and spray on your hair, if no leave in is available you can make it! Using a half a cup of spf 50 to one and a half cups of water.
  3. When your skin is a little itchy when you get out of the ocean imagine what it is doing to your hair? This is because of mineral salts found in the ocean, you can help keep them from getting into the hair by rinsing with water first and then putting conditioner in the hair, and rinsing with water again when you get out. Salts are an abrasive and they can wear your hair’s tone and  shine down. You should always check your shampoos for sodium (salt), if they have it in it stay away as it will surely fade your color and roughen up the hair.

So keep these tips in mind and your hair will suffer less, saving you time and money so you can enjoy more time in the summer sun!