To My “fine-haired” Sisters

This blog is dedicated to all of the “fine-haired” sisters out there.

For years I have searched for the perfect volumizing, thickening product to help fatten up my skinny strands. With all the beautiful thick haired ladies gracing our TVs and Magazines I’ve felt left out of some sort of secretive “Fab Hair” Club.

Every morning is a struggle trying to get my hair to do much of anything. No amount of heat, product, or praying has ever helped make my hair anything other than a hot mess.

I recently tried a product from KEVIN.MURPHY called POWDER PUFF. I have used mousses, hair thickeners, and hurricane proof hairsprays, so the powder part had me a bit skeptical. The first time I tried it I didn’t get a great result. Fortunately I have a pretty awesome boyfriend that pointed out that maybe I might want to read the directions before giving up on it (I know, a guy telling you to read directions, who would have thunk it).

So I tried it the RIGHT way after that. Basically you want to part off the sections you would like to see volume in (make sure you are doing this on dry hair!!!), and then tap the bottle lightly and aim towards your roots (not your scalp and def. not the ends of your hair). The product has these little beads of goodness that actually burst on your hair and enlarge the cuticle, thus giving outstanding volume to even the limpest locks. (Sounds kind of like a lab experiment, but trust me ladies it’s the best thing since sliced bread!)

Finally the Hair Gods (or maybe just hair chemists) have turned their shining faces towards me with this product! It’s so awesome I buy it in twos!


The fine haired girly from dsparada (aka Christine)