Transition time…… You should KNOW that your hair is going to look AMAZING!

Yes Ladies (and Gentlemen too!), the time has come for that new fall look.  The first of October is right around the corner, and already we are having clients ask us to take them from their lighter summer colors to their richer, darker fall colors……

That’s a trend that has been extremely popular for years, but what we see a lot of are clients that try to be “cost-effective” and go to the store to buy their own color.  Well, yes, it’s way cheaper, we know that.  Unfortunately, what many people don’t know that there is much more involved it the process besides just putting  the dark color overtop of the light color.  Have you ever done it?  Sometimes it looks red (and not a pretty red either).  Sometimes it looks black, and sometimes it looks green.  Then what can you do now???  You CAN’T walk around like that, the holiday season will be here before we know it, and hair looking like that will catch the eyes of everyone at the party, and not because it’s stunning…..  🙁
There are certain processes that must be done to get the look you want.  We are already seeing work coming in from other salons with VERY unhappy cliens, because the client trusted the professional whom’s chair they were sitting in.  Most people do.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of stylists in the area who are not qualified to do that level of color correction.  It’s not the most intense, but it does require skill.

Once someone has made the decision  to either apply color to their own head, or to work with a  less educated stylist, there’s a major problem.  We see mistakes all the time that could have been done right, if some simple rules would have just been followed.  No one wants to pay money to have their summer highlights covered just to see them fade out in a week or two, so they come to us to get it fixed, and it costs them a TON of money when it’s all said and done because we have to corect some major mess-ups.

At dsparada, through the initial consultation, we explain step by step the processes that are required to perfect your look and keeping it looking good throughout the season.  Trust me…..  Hair color can be beautiful….  hair color can be expensive…..  and hair color can be distasterous.  Don’t become a stastic!

Our colorists at dspsrada have SEVERAL years experience going into salons, and educating other stylists on our respcted color lines, as well as platform work with some of the best stylists in the world.  We know what we’re doing!

So if you’re already a guest of our salon, you will be in good hands.  If you are new, we invite you to come in for a free consult, and hopefully start  building that trust that’s needed in a successful relationship.

Plus, we’re really good at making people look ten years younger!!!!!!

Come on in, give us a call, or shoot us an email, with your name and number, and we’ll be more than happy to talk and set something up.

Remember at dsparada we specialize in corrective color…..  but as a guest of dsparada, you won’t need corrective color!