What Really Goes on Behind The Chair

When all you guys and gals come into the salon for your appointments, you probably just see me as the girl behind the desk doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing, but I’ve been extremely curious the past 3 months I’ve been here, as to what really goes on behind the chair! I’ve never worked in the hair industry before, so all of this is very new to me and also very interesting!

Of course Don and Arturo are amazing at cutting hair, so it’s always a mind blowing experience when I watch them from afar; all the minute details, the sections, the angles – everything necessary for a great haircut.

Arturo cutting and styling one of his clients

But everyone here specializes in color, and trust me, just from watching them mix and apply color and trying to listen into all that technical talk, it is not something that is easy to come by, and I’m a fast learner! The formulas, all the different shades and hues – So. Many. Colors. To say the least!

I never really knew what actually went into the whole process of coloring hair, it’s more than just applying the color! You have to consult with the client to understand what they want, and also let them know what you think would look great on them – then you actually have to formulate the color and get the precise amount of each shade to produce a product that will look great on the person in the chair. The process of applying the color isn’t an easy job either. There are different ways of applying it and foiling hair, and the stylist has to perceive which way will work best for the color, the cut, and the client!

Check out my new do by Don Stacy

Each and every one of the stylists at dsparada, make sure this is all done correctly, and that’s what makes all our stylists so high quality! They don’t just slap some color on your head; they actually care about their clients and love what they’re doing! So even as the receptionist, I have a much greater appreciation for what they’re doing for all of you that come into the salon!

Hope to see all of you soon at your next appointment or dsparada’s Christmas/Birthday Bash!

Love — the evening receptionist, Caitlyn!