What’s Hot This Summer? Sizzling Color!

by Don Stacy for Wake Living Summer 2014

Finally, the warmer months are approaching.  As your wardrobe and make up changes, it’s also time to re-invent your hair with this seasons color trends. Most people believe that warmer weather only calls for blonder, lighter hair – but that can be quite contrary.  In the months to come, you’ll be seeing a lot of chocolate and coppery tones, with sun kissed shimmers and honey highlights through the warm base color. When summer arrives, a few foils through the front of a longer side fringe can be added, creating a beautiful eye catching pop of color.


Hot Caramel
If you’re a light or medium brunette, a caramel or toffee tone with a splash of red in front will look stunning. Have your colorist add highs and lows to the fringe and opt for the nape to be darker.
Who can wear it: If you give one shade more dominance then the other, it will complement cool or warm skin tones.

Sweet Toffee
A lighter golden brown takes dark blonde to a whole different place or it can let a darker brunette get a taste of a much lighter shade. Roots are left darker for depth and tri tones are placed through the fringe.
Who can wear it: Almost anyone can wear the shade except for a natural light blonde with blue eyes.

Chocolate Cherry
This deep, rich hue sizzles with warmth, especially when hair is styled smooth. Just keep in mind that the darker your natural hair, the more brown you will see.
Who can wear it: Natural brunettes with warmer skin tones will find this coloring very complimenting.

Coppers & Reds

Copper Copper
Copper tones have been a hot request that the dsparada team predict will continue throughout the seasons ahead. With all the folk influences in fashion, bright cherry and copper shades are hot this summer.
Who can wear it: You’re a natural red, blonde, or light brunette and your skin tone isn’t super cool.

Racy Red
This bright yet brewed cut red is enhanced with lighter pieces in front, because the subtle variation came from custom–mixed permanent color you can only get in the salon.
Who can wear it: You’re a natural brunette with medium skin tones who wants to bring out their wild side!

Splash of Cinnamon
If you’d rather not go all out with red, add excitement to dark brunettes by having cinnamon painted through the top.
Who can wear it: If you have a warm skin tone with freckles and bluish hazel eyes, you can make this look your own.

Ginger Spice
Strike it rich with this classic red! It looks awesome when paired with dark brunette undertones.
Who can wear it: You need a warm medium to pale skin tone to rock this color.


Your hair needs to be in tip top shape to handle this double process blonde. Play up your eyes with more eyeliner to keep it looking sexy instead of overly bleached.
Who can wear it: Because it’s so pale, you need a medium skin tone to pull it off. Definitely not a “at home” option!

Yellow Strawberry
Thick, slightly wavy hair benefits from strawberry blonde pieces that are concentrated in front. Lowlights make the light blonde shades more believable.
Who can wear it: Cool skin tones work best, but the lowlights allow someone with a little warmth to give it a try, as well.

Keep banana blonde from washing you out by adding panels of deeper gold shift the part, or brush hair back and more of the lighter color is revealed.
Who can wear it: This looks best if your skin is cool to medium and it must be done by a salon pro!

Now that you’re prepared for summer ready hair, let’s hit the beaches and lakes for some well deserved warm weather! Just make sure you protect your investment with color safe products, and keep in mind that copper and blondes need leave in conditioners with SPF and hats to stay bright and vibrant.