What’s the perfect haircut for YOU?????

It’s quite often that guests sit in our chairs, and ask us, “what’s the perfect  haircut for me?”

What we may think, and what they have in mind, are often two totally different ideas. Someone may be on the edge of change, but when the change is actually presented, a slight “freak-out” moment occurs and she always resorts to the usual.

As humans, by nature we are creatures of habit- change is not something that we deal with willingly (ok, some are better than others!), especially when it comes to hair.  There’s not really a perfect haircut for each individual person, but there are some that flatter each person in ways that others don’t.  This is what we, as stylists, take into account when you sit in our chair.  Face shape plays a major role, and understanding that can make the decision to change a little easier.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you think about your “perfect” haircut.  We’re in the business of making YOU happy, but it’s also our job to educate you so you don’t make the wrong decision when it comes to your best accessory.  Follow these tips and you’ll easily figure out the best look for you.

Long hair can make a long face appear longer.  Short hair can make a round face appear rounder.  If not properly executed, short hair can be especially dangerous on super curly hair. If you are petite, you could look like a 15 year-old with super long hair.  Looking young is what we are all shooting for these days, but 15 is a little too young.

What we have found is that there is actually one length that usually is most flattering on just about everyone-  and that’s shoulder length hair.

Who can and can’t go long???

Women are attached to their long hair- or at least their husbands are.  As a general rule, like mentioned before, someone who is vertically challenged will look forever young with extremely long hair.  Someone who has a long, narrow face wouldn’t benefit from this look either, because long hair will definitely elongate the face even more.  A woman with a more square or oval face though, would be the perfect candidate for a longer look.

The basic do’s and don’t for short hair……

Short hair comes in a variety of lengths.  In order to figure out which length works best for you, consider your best and worst assets, and your height.  Extremely short hair on taller women can look either too masculine, or it could look very powerful (depending on how you perceive it).  Short hair on someone with a round face can make the face appear fuller.  If you have a round face, you would probably look better if you wore your hair just past your chin.  If you have a pointy chin, avoid hair that falls right at the chin.  If your eyes are one of your best features, consider a side-swept fringe that falls right at the eye to really accentuate those peepers! Remember, a good haircut masks your downfalls and promotes your best features.

Why it’s important to consider hair type…..

Every person can classify their hair into one of these categories: dry, coarse, curly, thin, straight, limp, oily, wavy or fine.  If you have thin, strngy hair that tends to fall limp, a shorter cut can make your hair appear fuller.  Super curly girls want to keep longer layers and weight to the hair down; if you have curly hair and have had tons of layers chopped into it, you know where we’re coming from.  The same goes for a fringe…..  a curly head of hair with a fringe is an invitation for uncontrollable frizz and disgust.  Finer, thinner hair is a great palate for a layered look-  the layers add volume.  As far as damaged hair is concerned, there’s nothing that can fix that.  Cut it off and start over!

As far as upkeep is concerned, we’ve posted before about why it’s important to maintain the cut you love.  That’s a no-brainer.

As the fall season is coming into full swing, many of you are already starting to think about what it is that you want to change about the color.  Why not go for the gusto and modify your entire look with the right cut for you as well?????

Happy Changing!!!!!!!