Which Haircut for you Face Shape

Which Haircut for Your Face Shape


As the foundation for any haircut, the shape of your face determines how your hair will emphasize your cheekbones, lips, and eyes.  A person’s face shape as well as their hair textures a very important part of figuring out how the final cut will look.

Haircuts for Oval Face Shape

This is the most universal face shape when it comes to a flattering haircut. Anything from super short, to long layers can work with this face shape.  People with the oval face shape; the neck has a greater prominence. So use your neck as a good guide to determine hair length.  If you have straight or wavy hair, the hair will fa

heartshapebangll closer to your face. Use layers to bring out facial features. Cut layers at your cheeks, lips, chin, or eyes to bring out that feature you want to highlight. Bangs are a great way to bring out your eyes and the side sweep bangs are good to bring out the cheek bones. If you have curly hair choppy layers are amazing for minimizing the frizzier texture. A bob that’s almost touches the shoulders with the texture for curly hair will help the curls fall in a sleeker way around the face.

Haircuts for Round Face Shape

The best way to make your facial curves work to your advantage is to contrast with angular cuts and

 layers that skim the face. With a round face shape, layers will be your best friend.  


If you have straight our wavy hair, ideally that shortest layer would fall around the cheekbones with gradual other layers. One layer should not hit the chin. Those layers will rest in a position that would make your face look rounder. The easiest look to pull off with a round face shape would be to have longer hair. Therefore gravity will pull hair to a fuller position at the bottom and balance out the facial features.

Haircuts for Square Face Shape

You know you have a square face because of the prominent jaw line. When cutting a square shape cut, you want to focus on a softer feel; it would only take away from your features if you do something too harsh or blunt. If you have straight or wavy hair, your hair is already falling right against your face so be sure don’t end your hair line at the jaw. This can cause the haircut to overwhelm your features. If you do a bob, trim it shorter in the back as it gradually falls longer in the front. The hair cut recommended for this face shape would be a flowing angle towards the base of the neck or longer to enhance the strong outline of your face. If you have curly hair, curly hair naturally makes your face look wider anyways. To keep bulk away from the jaw line a mid-length hair cut would look great with rounded layers.

Haircuts for a Heart Face Shape

Bangs work especially well on heart shaped faces. If you have straight or wavy hair any cut that’s longer than the chin would allow hair to fall down in a way that complements the natural top width of your face shape. For curly hair the natural fullness provides the perfect counterbalance to the width at the top of the head. You can still have fun with layers, just deal with concave layers to add movement and volume without disturbing the fullness of the bottom and the straight edge ends.