Why Opt For Professional Color?

Vicki Holt, one of our expert stylist at ds parada color salon recently talked to her long-time hair cut clients about coloring her hair. Read about her debate between store box color verse professional salon color. 

As my client sits in my chair we start to talk about hair color. I know she has been doing it at home herself because all she wants to do is cover gray and she cannot understand why she would have to pay $250 or more to have it done in the salon when her box color is only $10.Then my client brings up the fact that her hair is very dry and dull looking. Of course she asks my why. This opens a great conversation I would like to share.

I tell her being a woman in her late 40’s I so understand wanting to cover gray because it does make me feel old as well. But hair also needs to look natural, healthy and shiny! As women, when we look in the mirror we see those little natural Norwegian highlights (AKA grey hair) coming in and we cringe. What we miss is that our eyes have lost some of their sparkle and our completion is getting a bit sallow as well.

Yes you can go to the store and buy a box of “medium brown” color and slap it on as you have been doing but look in the mirror, you look hard I tell her. “You always tell me how much you like my color,” I said. “PLEASE let me do it!” just pops out of my mouth with a hint of desperation. My client wants to know more before she commits. So we continue the conversation on the techniques that are needed to get her hair lighter and more natural.

My client’s hair before professional color

First we must remove the old color before anything can be done (she sees $$ signs). Then we have to foil the full head and apply a base color (more $$ signs)… I tell her at this point we are at $355.00 and with hesitation I get the “OK” to do the job.

This woman is one of my very best friends. I have cut her hair for years but due to price she has never let me color her hair. Her color is now worked into her budget. But most of all she loves her hair and looks truly FABULOUS!

After, what a difference professional color makes!