You Can Do What We Do

Ever see those pictures in (every!) fashion magazine of the pretty girl? And not only does she have a great smile and body, she also has the most beautiful hair you have ever seen? And you say to yourself there is NO way she can be that happy and I know that hair is photoshopped!!! But your curiosity gets the best of you, and you  go out and buy everything you think you need to recreate that same beautiful photo shopped look, including the products, clips, comb, curling iron and whatever else the salesperson feels you need that day, only to go home and burn your hands and make a rats nest out of your hair! All because you saw a picture in a magazine and thought you wanted to be happy with great hair too!!!
Now it is possible to have these great salon looks at home and do it in only 15 minutes. Kevin.Murphy has designed kits that are easy to use and include everything you need!  Each kits comes with product, rollers or clips and a comb. All conveniently sold at ds parada Color Salon.
First you apply your product to dry hair, then put the rollers in and let them sit for 15- 30 minutes. After you take the rollers out let the hair sit for about 5 minutes and then tousle the hair to desired look. It’s really that easy, I promise!


Take a look at the podcast so you can see for yourself how easy Kevin.Murphy Kits really are. We made it so easy we had a free demo event at our salon on Thursday August 30th for our first Annual Client VIP Night! The Party was a ton of fun with a wine tasting from Vinos Finos Wine Bar and Kevin.Murphy stylists helping out. Be sure to check out all the event photos, and keep up with future salon events, specials and more stylings tips our Facebook page.

We feel it is our responsibility to help our clients look great and feel great about themselves everyday. If you couldn’t make it our party, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will answer any questions you may have about styling your hair and show you how to do it too, just like the stars!